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Pacers Offseason Links: NBA Reveals Schedule On Thursday

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The NBA will unveil the 2012-13 schedule on Tuesday which includes a special on NBA TV to reveal the big games. The Pacers will also offer some reaction to their schedule with Frank Vogel discussing the 82 regular season games he will coach on

Ahh, 82 games, a full training camp and preseason schedule combined with a team ready to get to work. That team should also be a blast to follow next season. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of questions surrounding the blue and gold heading into the upcoming season, but tracking the journey toward finding the answers with a group that is fun and easy to root for is a great place to be for Pacers fans.

As for the rest of the NBA, there have been plenty of moves and signings lately by various teams which you can read about in the links after the jump. Also, don't miss Snoop Dogg posing in his Danny Granger jersey...again.