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Pacers Future Remains Year-To-Year With Walsh In Charge

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Mike Wells delivered a little Q & A with Indiana Pacers president Donnie Walsh which included a few interesting tidbits to ponder on a July offseason day.

For one, Walsh doesn't sound like he's in it for the long haul, instead indicating he's keeping a big chair warm for Larry Bird. Walsh also mentioned how he surprisingly enjoyed his time away from the day-to-day NBA job, although he was quick to take the trip down Meridian Street when Herb Simon called.

Question: Was there any hesitation in coming back?

Answer: "No, not at all. The minute Herb asked me, I told him I'll come back. We didn't discuss terms or anything like that. We'll always have a handshake agreement. I had to talk to Larry first. He told me he was going to go away for a year. I told him, 'I'll be here, and whenever you want to come back, you come back.' I want him to come back."

I'm beginning to wonder if Herb Simon even owns a pen. The man obviously knows what he's doing but these handshake deals with the Pacers certainly keep things in flux and keep us all guessing as to what the long-term plans actually entail. No doubt that's written down somewhere in the Fieldhouse. But for now, I guess we can presume that Simon and Bird have a handshake agreement that he can return if and when he wants to.

So do you think they actually shake hands? Firm grip with eye-to-eye contact? Shoulder slap? Bros-hug? Any dap? Gotta be some dap between Bird and Simon, no? The two guys have had so many handshake agreements they certainly spice it up with something that would put Roger Goodell to shame.

Now that's something I'd like to watch.