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Pacers Rookies Plumlee And Johnson To Play In Knox Indy Pro Am

The Knox Indy Pro Am is in full swing at IUPUI and on Tuesday night Indiana Pacers rookies Mile Plumlee and Orlando Johnson will join the action for the first time. Both rooks are in town working out to prepare for the upcoming season which including joining Roy Hibbert at his MMA workout yesterday.

Tonight Plumlee and Johnson will make their debut in the Knox league playing for the Core Power Red team along with summer league teammate Julian Mavunga from Brownsburg. They'll be taking on a team that includes Robert Vaden, as well as Chrishawn Hopkins and Khyle Marshall from Butler.

These games are free for the public (although IUPUI will hit you for parking) and offer a great chance to see the players up close and personal as they work on their respective games and compete. Plus, you never know which players will show up to get in a run. Games are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays so with the NBA summer leagues winding down, more local NBA players will likely show up next week for the playoffs.

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