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Roy Hibbert A Big Target In Laser Tag With Area 55

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Suddenly Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has money to burn and he's lighting it up with fans from Area 55. After inviting a couple of fans to workout with him a couple of days ago, Hibbert invited Area 55 along for a major laser tag event in Carmel on Sunday.

Fox 59's Larry Hawley was on hand showing what appeared to be a dark, hot and sweaty good time had by all. At 7'2" in the laser tag arena, Big Roy looked a little more like a Big Target but it was all for the fans with Roy. As mentioned in the piece, this is definitely a small-market type of benefit players have when they can connect with the community without things getting insane. Not to mention, that $58 million goes a lot further in middle America allowing for plenty of Laser Tag and Bub's Burgers. Here's a clip from the event.