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NBA Offseason Links: Roy Hibbert Takes Fans To Workout; Local Legends Swap Teams

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Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert wasted little time hopping back in stride as a favorite among fans after going through the restricted free agency process which had him batting his eyelashes at Portland. While gearing up for season three of Area55 in which Hibbert selects crazies to attend every game and cheer on the team, Hibbert randomly invited a couple of those fans to join him in his MMA workout on Friday. Looks like he had a pair of tough Pacers fans with him who held up pretty well.

Catching up on NBA offseason moves, the Celtics traded former Purdue and Indiana high school stars, E'Twuan Moore and JaJuan Johnson to Houston as part of a deal that sent former Pike guard Courtney Lee to the Celtics. Moore was included because his deal is not guaranteed. Houston will let him go, so Moore reportedly now has eyes on joining the Chicago Bulls.

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