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Wells: Pacers, George Hill Agree To 5-Year Deal

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According to Mike Wells, the Indiana Pacers have agreed to a 5-year deal with restricted free agent George Hill (thanks for the FanPost, IndyPacers). The Pacers point guard turned down an offer to extend his contract prior to last season at reportedly, $6 million per year.

After working his way into the starting lineup, that $6 million number likely went up but the terms of the deal have yet to come out. Only the Pacers could offer Hill five years so I'd guess the total number for the deal would be somewhere between $35-40 million.

The Pacers acquired Hill and his restricted free agent rights from San Antonio last summer for the 15th pick in the 2011 NBA draft which was Kawhi Leonard. The Pacers risked losing Hill after just one year but now with Hill in the fold the deal has officially worked out for both sides.

This is also great news for Hill personally, a local players I've been watching since he was really skinny in high school and just lighting it up from outside. Never thought he would develop into the tough-minded player he has, capable of starting in the NBA and contributing to winning in a variety of ways. But G3 never stopped working to develop into that type of player.

And now he's getting paid for all of that work.

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