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NBA Free Agency Links: Pacers Covering Bases, Plan To Meet With Chris Kaman

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What a difference a day makes.

After the NBA free agent negotiating period opened up the Indiana Pacers were quickly tied to several players while having their priority free agent, Roy Hibbert offered a max deal forcing the team to prepare for the possibility that they let Hibbert walk.

One thing we also learned is that information is flying around although the actual salary cap numbers are not set and won't be for another week until players can sign offer sheets on July 11th. So, the report of a 4-year, $58 million max offer for Hibbert was speculation. Others who follow the numbers closely, like Storyteller, think the max deal may be closer to 4-years, $55.2 million.

Would an average salary of $13.8 million for Hibbert be more palatable for the Pacers to match? Of course.

But in the meantime the Pacers front office has to cover every contingency plan. So while the met with restricted free agent Eric Gordon yesterday, Mike Wells reports they also schedule a chat with center Chris Kaman for Monday. Kaman is an unrestricted free agent who has had trouble staying on the court, but when he does play he could provide a comparable replacement for Hibbert on the court.

There's no way the Pacers will be able to replace Hibbert's impact off the court, which is why this is an emotional situation for many fans. But until the dust settles on the details next week, we won't know the full story. Meanwhile, the Pacers front office will be working to keep their options open.

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