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Vecsey: Brian Shaw Interviewed For Trail Blazers Job

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Indiana Pacers associate head coach, Brian Shaw has spent the offseason in the mix for several head coaching positions around the NBA but remains at Frank Vogel's right hand.

Shaw was a strong candidate for the Charlotte Bobcats' opening but declined to pursue it, instead hoping to land the job with the Orlando Magic. Long-time NBA scribe Peter Vecsey is has been hanging around summer league in Vegas this week and tweeted a few updates on Shaw, including news that Shaw has talked with the Portland Trail Blazers about coaching the team.

Vecsey also mentions that Shaw turned down the Charlotte job based on assurances from Orlando that the he'd get the Magic job, but then as things progressed, Shaw withdrew from consideration with the Magic. I imagine Shaw would relish the chance to face the Los Angeles Lakers more often in the Western Conference after not getting the chance to succeed Phil Jackson as expected.

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