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Stephenson, Plumlee Named All-Summer League First Team In Orlando

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The Indiana Pacers summer league team wrapped up play with a 2-3 record aftecheck out this podcastr losing to Brooklyn on Friday. But after the games ended, two players were honored with guard Lance Stephenson and rookie big man Miles Plumlee being named to the Orlando All-Summer League.

Stephenson was strong throughout the week while dealing with an ankle injury in the middle of the week. Plumlee seemed to make strides each game, finishing strong and looking comfortable on the court. The rest of the first team included guard Alec Burks, forward Austin Daye and rookie forward Andrew Nicholson.

For more information on the summer league play of the rookies and Lance Stephenson along with more on the new players added to the roster, check out this podcast of Pacers scouting director Ryan Carr discussing all of the above with Dan Dakich. A feisty Ryan Carr at that, who was ready to stick up for his guy Plumlee after DD opined the former Dukie couldn't play following the first summer league game.

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