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NBA Free Agency 2012: Pacers Officially Welcome Back Roy Hibbert And George Hill

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On Friday afternoon, the Indiana Pacers held a public press conference to officially announce the signings of center Roy Hibbert and guard George Hill. The two players started for the Pacers last season making it to the second round of the playoffs before losing to the eventual NBA champion Miami Heat. has the press conference covered with Mark Boyle handling individual interviews with Frank Vogel, Hill, Hibbert and Donnie Walsh. It is easy to think about players like Hill and Hibbert as raw, emotionless commodities when they are on the market having their value scrutinized with numbers overwhelmingly taking on a big impact in that narrative. So it was nice to hear the human side of the process and be reminded how these two guys do play a valuable role in the organization beyond their Per36 averages.

Vogel also discussed the changes to the second unit making the point that they were living dangerously last year and were lucky Hibbert remained healthy through the end of the season after Jeff Foster was forced to retire. Now they have to center-sized players available as a backup plan, both of whom can develop into higher-impact players.

But today was dedicated to Hibbert and Hill although their main concern was just getting back to work to improve on last season's results.

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