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Pacers Offseason Links: NBA Free Agents Free To Sign; Stephenson Stands Out In Orlando

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As of 12:01 a.m. this morning, NBA teams are allowed to sign free agents with the salary cap remaining the same as last season at around $58 million. That should give the Pacers around $10 million to play with depending on how they manage the remaining qualifying offers and signings of Roy Hibbert and George Hill.

Now that real money is going out the door, the market will lock in for remaining players the Pacers may be targeting. I must say, the Chicago Bulls let reserves Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Watson go yesterday and either one of those guys would be a nice option for the Pacers. Because he's a wing, Brewer would probably make more sense if the price for Courtney Lee and/or O.J. Mayo gets too high.

Down in Orlando, the Summer Pacers are back in action this morning against the Boston Celtics. So far, Lance Stephenson has stood out with his performance on the court. Literally, yesterday against Oklahoma City he stood out as a player on a different level than everyone else on the court. An efficient 28 points on 14 shots for a guy who normally likes to use his possessions is impressive.

Stephenson has certainly met any challenge the Pacers have for him so far in Orlando. Looking forward to seeing how he finishes the week with a little success under his belt. I'd love to see an opponent try to get him into a yapping match and try to draw Stephenson out of his game which has shown great development. Can he stay focused? Can he remain in control of the team? For now I'll just daydream about a versatile 'Thunder and Lightening' second-unit backcourt with Stephenson and Darren Collison attacking opponents.

Check out the links with plenty of free agent news.