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Pacers Offseason Links: Summer League, Front Office Work Continue After Busy Monday

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The Indiana Pacers made news on and off the court on Monday, first off the court with their decision to hang on to Roy Hibbert and keep him from signing an offer sheet from the Portland Trail Blazers. On the court, the Summer Pacers won their first game in Orlando by beating the Summer Sixers.

Orlando Johnson and Miles Plumlee broke the seal on their NBA careers showing some good stuff and some 'meh' stuff in typical summer league fashion. The Pacers play at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday against Oklahoma City which means Plumlee will run into Perry Jones III in the post for the Thunder.

Back off the court, the Pacers still have to manage the signings of George Hill and Hibbert to maximize their ability to add another free agent to the fold if they can find the right deal. Zach Lowe does nice job of breaking down the situationfor the Pacers now that the Hibbert situation has been made.

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