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Larry Bird Reportedly Moving Up, Will Name Kevin Pritchard New GM

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(SB Nation, Louis Bien) Larry Bird is still in the process of finalizing his new contract as president of the Indiana Pacers. Once that wraps up, Bird reportedly plans to replace general manager David Morway with Kevin Pritchard, multiple league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Morway has had a successful run as the team's GM since being promoted by Bird himself in May 2009. According to sources, however, Pritchard essentially usurped Morway's power and influence after being hired as the Pacers' director of player personnel one year ago.

Bird is expected to make Pritchard's promotion official as soon as he wraps up his own deal with Pacers owner Herb Simon. Morway and Simon reportedly had their reservations about Pritchard before he was brought on from the Portland Trail Blazers, but Bird apparently insisted on the change follow