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NBA Playoffs Links: LeBron James Forces Game 7; Roy Hibbert Takes Softball Loss To Robert Mathis

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The NBA Eastern Conference Finals will move to Miami once again for Game 7 on Saturday night, after LeBron James sucked the life out of the Boston Celtics and the TD Garden crowd with an impressive and efficient night. LBJ put up as easy a 45 point, 15 rebound night as you will ever see to keep the Miami Heat alive in the playoffs and send the series to their home court for a shot at the NBA Finals.

The Celtics failed to do all of the little things that won them Game 5 and instead were a step slow to 50-50 balls and hitting the front iron on good perimeter shots (1 for 14 from 3-land). Meanwhile James made 73% of his shots (19 for 26) and there was nothing the C's could do about it.

Hard to believe those two trends (Boston missing good looks and LeBron making 73% of his shots) will repeat so hopefully Game 7 will go down to the wire to wrap up a fabulous series.

In charity softball news, Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert took a 1-0 loss to Indianapolis Colts defensive end (linebacker?) Robert Mathis in their annual charity softball game. Hibbert's squad could only muster up one hit, although it is hard to hit it where they ain't when there isn't much ain't thank to about 20 players allowed to play in the field.

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