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NBA Playoffs Links: Thunder Roll Past Spurs To NBA Finals

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The Oklahoma City Thunder knocked out the San Antonio Spurs with a second half flourish that vaulted the young and talented OKC team to the NBA Finals. Kevin Durant never sat and put up 34 points and 14 rebounds, yet the Thunder didn't need a point from their star in the final five minutes to close out the Spurs. Yep, that team is hummin'.

So who do you think the Thunder will play? Who will you root for?

Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers remain in full offseason mode. Draft Central is locked and loaded now with bios and interviews from all of the prospects that were in on Monday. Also, don't forget Roy Hibbert's charity softball game tonight. I'm hoping someone can file a report on the fun in the FanPosts.

Check out the rest of the links after the jump.