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NBA Playoffs Links: Celtics Do Little Things, Get Big Shot From Pierce To Beat Heat

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The Boston Celtics seized control of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday with an impressive road win over the Miami Heat to head home with a 3-2 series advantage, one win away from the NBA Finals.

The Miami Heat seemed to assert themselves a couple of times in the second half to take control of the game, but the C's never quit grinding and in doing so made the little plays necessary to stay in the game and then the big plays down the stretch to win it.

Boston repeatedly beat the Heat to loose balls to keep possessions alive and more than once turn them into big three-pointers. The Celtics also took advantage of the 'run on whiners' philosophy to beat Miami down the court. The Heat weren't always whining, though they were just retreating on defense without the proper sense of urgency.

With less than a minute to play, Paul Pierce hit a simply ridiculous three-pointer from the left-wing, sneaking it over LeBron James. It was the type of shot the Heat were desperate to hit and having it splash in their face seemed to take the life out of Miami. Boston went back to the little things to close it out by hitting all of their free throws to keep Miami two possessions down until the buzzer sounded. Wow.

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