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IC Cold Links: Thunder Take Lead On Spurs; Donnie Walsh Not In Orlando GM Search

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Another night, another wild and entertaining NBA playoff game.

On Monday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder came up big on the road, beating the San Antonio Spurs to take a 3-2 lead in the Western Conference Finals. Now the young Thunder crew can eliminate the Spurs back home in OKC. Yeah, that will be fun. I have a feeling the Spurs will have something for the Thunder with their backs against the wall.

In other offseason news, it appears that Donnie Walsh will remain in the Indianapolis area, although at his home and not Bankers Life Fieldhouse. He also won't be guiding the Orlando Magic. According to this comment from's David Aldridge, Walsh thinks the Pacers front office situation is just fine.

Will Larry Bird stay or go? I'm told either way, Donnie Walsh -- who's pulled out of the GM search in Orlando, according to a source -- won't be coming back for a reunion, feeling the Pacers have a strong enough front office in place for a seamless succession.

Check out the links after the jump including more from the Pacers predraft workouts on Monday.