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2012 NBA Playoffs Links: Thunder, Celtics Even Conference Finals Over Weekend

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Both NBA Conference Finals series emerged from the weekend knotted at 2-2 which should make for a fabulous week of NBA playoff hoops.

The Oklahoma City Thunder continued attacking the San Antonio Spurs while getting a ridiculous offensive boost from their big men to even the series on Saturday night. Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins and Nick Collison combined to shoot 22 of 25 from the floor in the 109-103 Thunder win. The Thunder might not want to rely on that happening again.

Speaking of attacking, Rajon Rondo led the Boston Celtics attack in the Garden to run out to a big lead before hanging on the beat the Miami Heat in overtime. At halftime, Rondo calmly explained a known strategy for beating the Heat which is to push the ball up the floor while they complain about a non-call at the other end. The Indiana Pacers had a 'run on the whiners' strategy which worked pretty well against the Heat until Dwyane Wade quit whining and just started playing like a beast. We'll see if he and LeBron James can raise their level of play again to hold off the Celtics.

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