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Mike Wells: Pacers Making Pitch to Roy Hibbert When Free Agency Begins

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According to the Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells, the Indiana Pacers will make their pitch to Roy Hibbert right when free agency begins at 12:01 a.m. ET. The Pacers would like to sign Hibbert right away to avoid matching a max contract from another team but they'll probably have to wait.

Here's the tweet below from Wells:

This is a very good sign for the Pacers as this should be a very quick handshake deal, hopefully. With his playoff performance, Roy will probably want around 13 million a year over five years. That's five years, 65 million. Hibbert is a true building block Indiana can't let leave. He might be the most important big man for the Pacers ever. We could possibly know if we have reached a contract extension with Hibbert soon after free agency opens.

On the matter of George Hill, the Pacers might not have to wait until he gets back from vacation. The Pacers are making a plea to Steve Nash to Indiana which could change Hill's status and leverage with the team. If Nash says no though, the Pacers will really need Hill to sign on the line after his vacation.

Let's hope for the best with this upcoming meeting with Hibbert under an hour from now.