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Wojnarowski: Brandon Roy Shortens List; Pacers Are Finalists

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski, former Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy has shortened his list to four teams and will meet with them all this week and the Indiana Pacers are among the suitors still standing.

Former Portland Trail Blazers star Brandon Roy has narrowed his free-agent finalists to the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors, league sources said. He expects to hold meetings with those teams over the next several days.

Roy will meet with the Pacers and the others in contention (Bulls, Mavericks, Warriors, and Timberwolves) in his hometown of Seattle this week. Wojanrowski says that Roy is very intrigued to Indiana due to their young core and his connection from Kevin Pritchard back in Portland.

He met with Minnesota on Friday at Timberwolves headquarters and David Kahn believes they're the favorites for his services. They are expected to offer him a two-year contract right when free agency starts at 12:01 Sunday.

Roy would immediately give the Pacers a true scorer who would make Paul George have to earn a starting job or come off the bench for a year or two.

Having Roy in the fold would be very exciting for a lot of Pacers fans and bolster the team's chances of defeating the defending champs in Miami. If the Pacers want Roy, they will likely have to at least match the two year deal Minnesota has already put on the table.

If you are unfamiliar with Brandon Roy, check out some highlight videos of him after the jump. Let's all hope Kevin Pritchard brings his star from Portland over to the Hoosier state.