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2012 NBA Draft: Did Pacers Almost Pull The Trigger on Kim English at 26?

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According to Keith Langlois of, the Pacers almost took Kim English at pick 26, but their main target in Miles Plumlee was there for the taking. English was invited back for a second workout last Tuesday with the Pacers, which indicates that Indiana was certainly pondering whether on not to take him 48 hours later in the draft.

Here's the tweet below from Langlois:

If the Pacers wanted to take English, why didn't they take him at 36 where they traded up to select Orlando Johnson? Doesn't make any sense to me. Indiana certainly confused many when we took Plumlee at 26 and I'd really be confused if English was second on the Pacers draft board and was still available when they took Johnson? Either English's agent is blowing smoke or Indiana suddenly vaulted Johnson ahead of English on the board in the middle of the draft.

I think I'll take the latter.