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Report: Dallas Mavericks Considering Bidding On Roy Hibbert

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Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert finished the season strong which undoubtedly made him some money as enters the offseason as a restricted free agent. No doubt, Hibbert will have some suitors which will force the Pacers to match any offer sheet Hibbert signs with another team in order to secure his services.

Despite the strong play and Hibbert's status as one of the few true centers playing a big role for a team, it still seems strange to consider Hibbert a max player. Still, the Pacers will surely match anything in the $12-13 million range and matching any number isn't out of the question.

According to a report (via MavsMoneyball), the Dallas Mavericks are considering making a run at Hibbert. Of course, anything the Mavs do this offseason is contingent on where Deron Williams ends up. D-Will and the Mavs have seemed like a pre-arranged marriage for a few months now and unless they make a modest offer for Hibbert, it isn't plausible to consider Williams and Hibbert both going to the Mavs.

So Hibbert may be a backup plan for the Mavs, but that's only if they can make an offer that makes the Pacers step back and the just doesn't seem possible.

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