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2012 NBA Draft: Pacers Introduce Miles Plumlee

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Regardless of your feelings about how the Pacers arrived at selecting Miles Plumlee in the NBA draft, the fact remains that Plumlee is an Indiana native, a solid kid with a great story certainly worth rooting for when he suits up in the blue and gold.

The Pacers officially introduced Plumlee with a press conference at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Friday afternoon, which Plumlee handled with aplomb. He didn't shy away from answering any questions including inquiries about the negative fan reaction to the pick. That surely has no impact on Plumlee now because like it or not he will be on the roster this year so it is simply time for him to go to work.

Plumlee also made the rounds on local radio shows today and spoke about his excitement at playing with the Pacers to fulfill a dream of having his grandfather see him play in the NBA. Millard Plumlee is 91 and live in West Lafayette so his best chance to see Miles play would be with or against the Pacers. Now he can see him play with the Pacers as much as he wants.

Other than that, the press conference was about what you'd expect with Kevin Pritchard and Donnie Walsh taking mild shots at the media for trying to grade a draft less than 24 hours after the picks are made. Pretty standard, post-draft comments. Oh, and Plumlee will wear uniform number 13.

Plumlee's arrival should make summer league interesting as Pacers fans begin to learn more about Plumlee and second-round pick Orlando Johnson.

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