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NBA Draft Day Links: Pacers Looking To Add Talent After Front Office Change

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Happy NBA Draft Day!

The Indiana Pacers were busy yesterday changing front office leadership but things remain the same for the draft with Larry Bird working the draft board. With Bird making the call it is hard to tell what the team might do if they maintain their 26th pick. For one, picking that deep in the draft creates a ton of variables outside the Pacers control. Secondly, all of the extra workouts and mock drafts leaning toward this player or that based on what some NBA insiders are hearing means those names are far more likely to be smokescreen for the Pacers true draft intentions.

But...that's why we watch the draft. If you want to watch with other like-minded Pacers fans in the Indy area, pick one of the Pacers Draft Party locations near you and enjoy the evening with other fans.

Check out the links after the jump with more stories about Bird, Kevin Pritchard and Donnie Walsh along with draft day stories.