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Larry Bird Will Work Draft, Summer League Before Leaving Pacers

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Larry Bird is stepping down as Indiana Pacers team president but he still has a little work to do before he officially leaves. During the press conference to discuss his departure, along with naming Donnie Walsh as president of basketball operations and Kevin Pritchard as general manager, Bird enthusiastically mentioned that he will be working the NBA Draft on Thursday night.

No surprise there since Bird has been actively involved in the draft prep up to this point. What was surprising is that Bird later mentioned that he would work with the Pacers summer league team down in Orlando which will include rookies, free agents and current Pacers Lance Stephenson and Jeff Pendergraph. Bird joked that he wanted to work the summer league so he could see "his boy, Lance play every minute of every game."

Bird also mentioned that Pritchard and Walsh would be buys with free agency starting on July 1st, indicating they planned to sign their two free agents, Roy Hibbert and George Hill. Other than that, the press conference presented a smooth and peaceful transition of power at the Fiedhouse.

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