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Pacers Offseason News: David Morway Resigns Ahead Of Larry Bird's Exit

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The Indiana Pacers front office situation will be officially settled this morning when the Pacers discuss Larry Bird leaving his role as team president at 11:00 a.m. ET. Kevin Pritchard will take over as the team's general manager as former GM David Morway officially resigned on Tuesday.

As expected, Morway stayed above the fray with a gracious exit from the Fieldhouse. Morway also spoke with Cliff Brunt on his desire to move on from the Pacers and take his time figuring out his next move.

Q: You interviewed in Portland this offseason, so it seems there was interest in staying in basketball. Why did that change?
A: "I've missed a lot of things over the past few years (with wife and two sons), and I just want to make sure I spent some quality time with them. Having said that, that doesn't mean that I'm getting out, it just means that I felt this was the right time to make a change, and I felt like the franchise was in good shape."

I have bumped into Morway on the kids' hoops and baseball locally so I know he will enjoy the time being able to watch his boys play more. He also deserves credit for his part in managing the salary cap and impacting the scouting department that helped the Pacers turn things around.

Seems strange the both Bird and Morway are leaving the Pacers as if things haven't been working out. Instead they leave Pritchard a nice situation to continue developing.