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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Pacers Take Quincy Miller In SB Nation Mock

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Tom Ziller at took a break from mocking the draft on his own and surveyed the network's bloggers to see how those following each NBA team would pick the draft. Very fun and lively email thread to follow as the draft finally made its way to my pick at 26.

I was down to Marquis Teague or Quincy Miller with my pick, so when Memphis took Teague at 25, I stuck with Miller. Here's my reasoning for the pick.

If the Pacers don't deal their pick. they will be looking to help bolster the bench in the short term, and by picking Quincy Miller, the Pacers have a chance to add a talent that could develop into a major contributor in the long term, as well. Last season the Pacers took a chance on modern medicine and were rewarded with the play of David West as he played a big role on and off the court while recovering from major knee surgery. Miller is further removed from his surgery, but questions remain around the quality of his rehab.

Taking the time to get Miller's knee back in shape may be worth if for the Pacers to add a dynamic skill set to the wing to play with Danny Granger or Paul George off the bench. The Pacers depth was an asset in the regular season when the 10-man rotation helped manage minutes and wear out other teams in the 66-game schedule. But the talent of that depth was exposed in the playoffs and will see some changes before the start of next season. Miller could be the first change, seeing some minutes off the bench while developing his NBA game for a bigger role in the future.

According to the news today from Chad Ford, the Pacers appear to be looking at more experienced college players if they follow through with the 26th pick. But don't rule out Teague or Miller if they are available (or any number of other players) since Larry Bird has rarely shown his hand prior to the draft regardless of what takes place at the Fieldhouse in the days leading up to the draft.

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