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Favorite Sports Highlight: Rik Smits HITS Against Magic

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The good folks at Samsung wanted us to share our favorite sports highlight and I chose a moment that I heard and was only able to watch through highlight shows after the fact. I've also worn out the YouTube clip while enjoying the call by Mark Boyle.

Oh, the highlight? The Rik Smits up and under with 1.3 seconds left to beat the Orlando Magic and even up the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals at 2 games apiece. This highlight is often next in line after Reggie Miller's big moments, but Smits' HE HIT IT! HE HIT IT! bucket deserves equal billing.

I was living in Washington D.C. at the time and listened to the whole game while driving back from Indy after going to the 500 the day before. This game always sticks out in my mind because we were pulling in to return a rental car just as the crazy finish was taking place. So we heard Brian Shaw hit a three, then Reggie Miller answer, then Penny Hardaway appear to win it with another three before Smits had the final say. Usually you can visualize what is happening from the radio call but this furious action defied belief. It was not until I saw the highlights that I could believe what my ears had heard.

What is your favorite highlight?