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NY Daily News: Donnie Walsh Takes Job With Pacers

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Long-time New York Knicks and NBA writer Mitch Lawrence reports on Monday night that Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks front office leader (pick your favorite title), Donnie Walsh will return to take a front office role with the Pacers once again. Lawrence confirms the possibility that Mike Wells reported will indeed become a reality, according to his sources.

Walsh, the long-time Indiana CEO before he came to New York to rebuild the Knicks, will be leading the Pacers in their efforts to land free agents starting when the period opens Sunday, league sources said Monday. The team's No. 1 priority is to re-sign point guard George Hill, a restricted free agent, and sources said Walsh will be spearheading the team's efforts to keep Hill.

Lawrence goes on to mention that Walsh's return shouldn't be considered an indicator that Larry Bird will step away as the team president. Also worthy of note is Lawrence's emphasis on the Pacers top priority to re-sign restricted free agent point guard George Hill.

No, that doesn't mean the Pacers aren't going to pursue Roy Hibbert nor match any big offer for the big fella. Instead, the Pacers may realize Hibbert's number will be big and with the extra year they can offer they will either keep him or let him go, but the framework of the decision may already be solid. There's a lot more wiggle room in dealing with Hill and after giving up a number one pick to bring in Hill last year, letting him walk now would make that a big mistake.

Happy Monday of Draft Week! This is going to be fun.

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