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ESPN's Ford: Pacers Have Private Workout That Could Decide Pick Tomorrow

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According to ESPN's Chad Ford, the Pacers will have a private workout tomorrow that could decide the 26th pick. Those prospects are Draymond Green, Jeff Taylor, Will Barton, and Kim English. Here's the excerpt from Ford in his Mock 9.0:

Analysis: The Pacers have a big workout scheduled for Tuesday with Green, Will Barton, Kim English and Jeff Taylor which could decide the No. 26 pick. I'm hearing increasingly that the Pacers are very high on Green. He's a smart, tough player who can come in and fill a need immediately for Indiana. Larry Bird has made similar picks in years past and done OK with them. I don't think Green slides past here. If he's off the board, Barton could be the guy.

In Ford's new mock draft, he has the Pacers taking Green at 26. Check out after the jump what this means for the Pacers on Thursday night.

This news likely means that the Pacers prepared to pick at 26. In this deep draft, they could easily nab a great player at 26. These four prospects seem like the targets for the Pacers, according to Ford.

It starting to sound like this is the floor for Green and he could come in and produce right away. If you want to read more on Green, check out my scouting report on him.

Here's a video from 1070 The Fan's Michael Grady from Green's first workout with the Pacers on June 4:

Could this mean that we had it wrong the whole time? Instead of Darren Collison, could it be Tyler Hansbrough that will be on the move on Thursday night or this Summer? It sure seems like it if the Pacers take Green at 26.

Here's some highlights from the four prospects they will have in for the crucial workout tomorrow:

What do you think about today's news? Would you want Green or one of the other three prospects they are bringing in tomorrow? Tell me what you think by commenting below on this latest news.