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Pacers Off-Season Rumors: Should Indiana Revisit The Chris Kaman Idea?

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The Indiana Pacers were rumored to be in serious talks with the New Orleans Hornets about a possible Chris Kaman deal before the trade deadline, but unfortunately it didn't happen. Larry Bird had Kaman as his number one target to pursue via trade. Kaman could provide depth behind Roy Hibbert or could be an insurance policy if Hibbert is offered a max contract and we decide to let him walk. Kaman averaged 13 points and eight rebounds for the Hornets last season.

Check out after the jump the positives and negatives of pursuing Chris Kaman in free agency.

Kaman is interesting guy, but he sure can produce. He had 20 points or more 10 times last season in New Orleans. That shows that if you give him the ball down low, he will score for you. He would be used as a sixth man here in Indiana who would likely average 20-25 minutes a game since he could play some power forward next to Roy Hibbert. That's the versatility of Kaman that will make him a hot commodity in free agency.

The seven footer will likely be pursued by Miami, Boston, Cleveland, Golden State, San Antonio and Portland in a few weeks. The Pacers will likely have to shell out more than the mid-level exception for Kaman to come and play for the Pacers. It will likely have to be around what we offered Jamal Crawford last season of two years, $10 million.

Kaman would immediately supplant Lou Amundson, Kyrylo Fesenko, and Tyler Hansbrough as the best big man in the second unit. I feel like the Pacers should pursue Kaman, unless they answer this need in the draft by taking Fab Melo. The other option could be trading up and getting a player like Tyler Zeller, Meyers Leonard, or John Henson. If not, Kaman has to be the backup center we pursue this off-season.

Kaman does have some flaws to his game though. He tends to get in foul trouble when teams go inside-out, instead of outside-in. A team like the Pacers gave Kaman fits earlier in the year due to pounding it inside on almost every time down the court. This caused Kaman to become frustrated and tired.

Also, Kaman does have the tendency to be injury prone as well. The last time Kaman played a full season was his rookie year back in the 2003-2004 year. If you pay Kaman, you tend to run the risk of possibly losing him 20 plus games a year due to nagging injuries. If Kaman can stop the fouling issues and his tendency to get hurt, he could be a steal for a year or two.

Now, I bring it back to you guys here at Indy Cornrows. Would you pursue Chris Kaman in free agency? Could he be the backup big man to complement Hibbert down low? Let me know by commenting down below. These next few weeks look to be exciting as we start the process of looking toward the NBA Draft and free agency.