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Houston Rockets Looking At Roy Hibbert; Could Matching a Max Offer For Hibbert Hurt Indiana Down The Road?

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According to, the Houston Rockets are considering going after Roy Hibbert when free agency starts July 1. Houston is also looking at Omer Asik if Hibbert decides to sign elsewhere. This can't be good news for the Pacers with two reported teams (Dallas and Houston) ready to pursue Hibbert in free agency.This creates a pair of problems with the Pacers possibly losing Hibbert or being forced to pay max dollars to keep him.

I will tell you after the jump what this could mean when Hibbert is officially a free agent on July 1.

As Mike Wells said on the Grady & Big Joe Show on 1070 the Fan on Friday, if the Pacers do give Hibbert a max contract they would be tied up with around 16 million a year for four or five years. Think about it, would you give a 13 point, 9 rebound, 2 block per game guy 16 million a year? I'm not hating on Roy, but you have to be factual.

If Hibbert is offered a max deal of around four years, 65 million by Dallas, Houston or someone else you would have to strongly consider having him walk. Wells even says that giving a max to Hibbert could be a long term mistake for the Pacers. Hibbert is a defensive specialist for his career, he will never be a Dwight Howard that gives you 20 and 10 every night throughout 82 games.

Many wanted to go after Nene in free agency and offer him a huge contract, but instead the Pacers landed David West. The Pacers definitely made the right choice on that one.

It will be interesting to see if Indiana has to quickly match a max deal from another team early in free agency. The Simon-Bird way is to take things slowly, but they will have to be quick in this case for Hibbert. Would you bring back Hibbert for a max deal. It all sounds good, but that could limit our cap space and future contracts for Paul George and George Hill?

I bring the question back to you guys, if Houston or Dallas or some other team offers Hibbert a deal like four years, 65 million would you match it. It certainly will be interesting how this unfolds as we get past the draft and eye free agency at the start of July.