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Pacers Off-Season Rumors: Indiana Looking to Make Another Run at Jamal Crawford

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According to HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy, the Pacers are one of five teams expected to make a run at Jamal Crawford this off-season. The other four teams are the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, and Minnesota Timberwolves. Indiana tried to get Crawford before the season started, but he declined a two year, $10 million offer.

The Pacers have been trying to look for a guard who can create his own shot for awhile now. Crawford might be the answer, but he didn't do as well as people thought he would in Portland this season. Also, he's getting up there in age (32).

After the jump, check out the reasons why the Pacers should and shoudn't pursue Crawford this off-season.

Indiana might need another scorer off the bench who could take over a game. Crawford could certainly do that when he has the hot hand. He averaged 14 points per game for the Blazers last season. He's always been a great player off the bench as he showed in Atlanta, where Crawford seemed to control games when he was the main scorer. If Indiana wants a guy who could come in and create his own shot, Crawford could be the answer.

He would likely take a smaller contract than the one Indiana offered him last year, so it could be worth the risk. Crawford would be a nice backup to Paul George and even teach him some veteran offensive moves. He could come in and replace Leandro Barbosa as they play really the same style of game. When Danny Granger or Paul George aren't having a great game, they could just have Crawford come in to give the team a spark, making him a potential nice fit here in Indiana.

To sum up the positives, he would be a great spark plug scorer off the bench and could be a nice veteran for Paul George to learn from. This could be a nice move, only if the price is right.

Crawford does have some issues though. He tends to take way too many shots. Some Pacers fans were complaining about Barbosa taking too many shots, but wait until you see Crawford. Once he gets the ball, you can usually says he's going to shoot it. When he's not having a great game, he will still chuck up shots left and right. He could make you scratch your head in confusion a lot. You could say Crawford is the NBA's version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If he's on it, he could win you many games, but if he just continues to chuck up shots he will give you nightmares.

If having a guy who loves to take shots whenever he touches the ball scares you a little, I wouldn't recommend going after Crawford. That really is the only negative about his game.

Now I bring it back to you guys. Would you pursue Jamal Crawford this off-season? It certainly will be interesting to see what the Pacers will do to improve this team through the draft and free agency.