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NBA Finals Links: LeBron James, Heat Ring Hunting Against Thunder; Larry Bird Decision Next Week

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Tonight could be the night when LeBron James hunts down that elusive NBA championship ring that has offered detractors an angle to dismiss his level of excellence as an NBA player. The Miami Heat have triple championship point on the Oklahoma City Thunder but they better go for the ace tonight and end it in Miami so they don't give the young Thunder any life to head back home and really make this a series once again.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers continue preparing for next week's NBA draft. Larry Bird has been fully involved in the draft prep and workouts even though he and Herb Simon have not officially agreed to have Bird run the front office for another year.

According to Mike Wells, the two will talk next week. Of course, I thought last week was "next week" and then this week was "next week" but now next week is next week. Hey, if they aren't that concerned than neither am I. At a minimum Bird will see the team through the draft (when?) week.

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