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Pacers Looking to Bring Back Evan Fournier For Another Workout

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Evan Pacers
Evan Pacers

According to Gery Woefel of the Racine Journal-Times, the Pacers are looking to bring back Evan Fournier for another workout because Larry Bird missed the third predraft workout due to personal reasons. So if Bird missed the whole workout why would he only want Fournier back? This likely means that the Pacers are tipping their hand a little bit by just bringing Fournier in for a personal workout showing someone in the organization is interested in Fournier.

Check out after the jump what this could mean come June 28 when the Pacers are on the clock.

Fournier is a young shooting guard from France who could bring what the Pacers need in having a player that can create his own shot. Also, if the Pacers are looking to stash a player for a year or two, Fournier is the best option.

While the GM in Portland, Kevin Pritchard took an international player almost every year. You can say Pritchard has a love affair with international players so maybe he's pushing Fournier inside the Fieldhouse.

This Frenchman started playing basketball due to watching the movie "Space Jam", which moves him up near the top of my wish list. All, kidding aside, Fournier could be a nice addition to this team.

Here's a link to my earlier analysis of Fournier followed by some video clips.

Here's the videos below:

Also, if you care to watch I have 50 minutes of game footage for Fournier. The best way to get to know a prospect is through game footage and maybe 50 minutes might get you sold on Evan. Here's the video below:

If Evan can just improve his overall shot, post defense, and confidence he could be a steal for Indiana. Also, another good thing about drafting international players is that you could keep them overseas for a few more years and develop them even more. That likely wouldn't happen though as we need a go-to scorer who can create his own shot right now.

Fournier even told Jonathan Givony of Draft Express in Treviso that he would prefer to play in the NBA this season, but would accept staying a year or two if the team that drafted him told him to do so. Evan would likely replace Leandro Barbosa off the bench or back-up Danny Granger at small forward with his 6-7 height. He could be a great sixth man for the Pacers if we use him correctly.

We might be zeroing in on a target here folks. It's suspicious to me, because if he missed the third predraft workout why would he only bring back Fournier? I guess we won't know until Fournier comes in to do another workout or not.

We'll keep you updated and see if Bird gets his wish in seeing the young player from France in a private as we inch closer and closer toward the draft next Thursday.