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Roy Hibbert Takes Jeff Pendergraph and Lance Stephenson to MMA Workout

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Roy Hibbert used an MMA style workout to lose weight and become as fit as he is today. He brought along two of his teammates in Jeff Pendergraph and Lance Stephenson. Hibbert works out at Integrated Fighting Academy at Commerce Circle in Indianapolis and he wanted to see if Jeff and Lance could survive through the grueling workout.

Check out after the jump the video from the workout he showed to all of his followers on Twitter.

This is what you call taking a few body blows. Look down below at Hibbert, Pendergraph, and Stephenson taking some hits to improve for next season.

I honestly don't know what Lance is doing here. Stephenson is either flexing for the camera, struggling through the punches by the trainer, or he's just being Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson some of us have come to love.

Let's hope this technique works on Pendergraph and Stephenson as it did on Hibbert. It seems like when a Pacers player does MMA, he always succeeds the upcoming season. If this works on Jeff and Lance, we should just have the whole team go to Integrated Fighting Academy to makes this team unstoppable every year.