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Spurs Vs. Thunder: Western Conference Finals, Game 4 Open Thread

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The NBA Western Conference Finals are getting wild after the Oklahoma City Thunder thumped the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 to close their series deficit to 2-1. Can they do it again?

Western Conference Finals Game 4: San Antonio Spurs at Oklahoma City Thunder at 8:30 p.m. ET on TNT

The Thunder utilized their youth and athleticism along with a heavy dose of defense by Thabo Sefalosha on SAS point guard Tony Parker. OKC also clogged the lane to keep the Spurs from pickin' n' rollin' their way to layups all night. Your move Coach Pop. Just because the Pacers are out of action doesn't mean we can't talk hoops (and Pacers), so please leave your thoughts on any hoop related topics in the comments.

Here's the remaining schedule for the 2012 NBA Playoff Western Conference Finals Series (all times in ET):

Game 5: Monday, June 6 at San Antonio, 9:00 p.m.
Game 6: Wednesday, June 8 at Oklahoma city, 9:00 p.m.*
Game 7: Friday, June 10 at San Antonio, 9:00 p.m.*

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