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Pacers Listed Among Top Group Of Restricted Free Agents

New, comments has a nice break down of the Top 10 restricted free agents around the NBA. With the offseason heating up for the Indiana Pacers, the list reveals the big decisions that lie ahead for not only the Pacers but the players they would like to retain heading into next season.

Of course, Eric Gordon tops the list of RFA's as a highly-coveted scoring guard whose injury history adds to the intrigue for teams pursuing his services. According to Larry Bird, the Pacers won't be one of those teams since owner Herb Simon likes to stay away from bidding wars they can't win if the player's team matches the offer.

As for the Pacers RFA's, center Roy Hibbert checked in at No. 4 on the list with guard George Hill at No. 10. Check out what Chris Bernucca had to say about their status after the jump.

4. ROY HIBBERT: He came into his own this season, becoming an All-Star, raising his defensive numbers and showing his ability to impact playoff games. Before the Pacers address needs in free agency or talk to George Hill, they need to lock up Hibbert to keep moving up the title contention ladder. DESTINATION: Hibbert is not going anywhere. The Pacers might allow another team in need of a center to set the market, then match the offer. THE RIGHT PRICE: Four years, $50 million. He is not a max center - not yet, anyway - but probably will get the max.

10. GEORGE HILL: He will be priority No. 2 for the Pacers, but they cannot underestimate his value as a combo guard. He took Darren Collison's starting point spot late in the season and was solid in the playoffs, as he had been for the Spurs. Just 26, his qualifying offer is about $3.1 million, and Indiana has the cap room to keep him around. DESTINATION: Hard to see the Pacers letting him go unless they put the full-court press on Gordon. If so, the Wizards, Jazz, Blazers, Suns or Mavs may pounce with a big offer. THE RIGHT PRICE: Four years, $28 million.