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Report: Charlotte To Hire St. John's Assistant Mike Dunlap; Pacers' Brian Shaw Waits For Orlando Decision

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Charlotte Bobcats beat writer Rick Bonnell reports on Monday night that Michael Jordan and the Bobcats have hired a head coach to take over a young roster and it is not Indiana Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw.

Instead, Michael Jordan surprised those following the hiring process by reaching down to give the job to an assistant coach at St. John's. No, it is not Gene Keady.

Dunlap has coached all over the place with some success as a small college head coach. He also was an assistant with George Karl for two seasons in Denver for some solid Nuggets teams including the 50-win team in 2007-08. There's your North Carolina connection for MJ's hire.

Still, I'm just going to assume Brian Shaw told the Bobcats he needed to wait until Orlando makes a hire before committing to that job. That and/or Jordan had no intention of paying much money for the coach he needs to develop a young team that won't likely be competing for many wins next season.

Shaw was considered a finalist according to reports, along with Quin Snyder after former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan withdrew from consideration.

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