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Pacers Draft Notes: Looking at Kevin Pritchard and Larry Bird's Draft History

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May 17, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird accepts the NBA Executive of the Year Award from Stu Jackson at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeats Miami 94-75. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE
May 17, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird accepts the NBA Executive of the Year Award from Stu Jackson at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeats Miami 94-75. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NBA Draft is only ten days away as we dive into Kevin Pritchard and Larry Bird's draft history. These will be the guys behind the scenes making the picks and possibly some trades, so after the jump let's dive into the analysis of how both of them have drafted.

I'll give you a hint, it sure looks like this could be one of the more exciting drafts for the Pacers in a long time with Pritchard and Bird paired together.

I'll start off with the former Portland Trail Blazers GM in Pritchard. He was their general manager from 2007-2009. One thing most people mess up is that Pritchard was fired on 2010 draft night, but he stayed until the Blazers draft was finished. Due to that, I will also throw in the 2010 draft to analyze. Let's start off Pritchard's analysis back to 2007.

2007 NBA Draft: Portland got the luck of the draw with landing the first pick in the NBA Draft and landed Greg Oden. Unfortunately, Oden has turned out to be described as a "bust". He's had an injury riddled career that has resulted in him not playing a full season. You can say Pritchard's GM career started off with some pretty bad luck.

Pritchard then started wheeling and dealing by getting the final pick in the first round by trading with the Philadelphia 76ers. Portland traded their rights to the 42nd pick (Derrick Byars) and cash. The Blazers selected a 6-5 point guard Petteri Koponen from Finland with the that final pick in the first round. Koponen has yet to come over and play in the NBA since he was selected by Pritchard.

Portland then had the 52nd pick and selected Tauren Green, a 6-0 point guard from Florida. Green was sent down to the D-League and then traded to Denver for Von Wafer.

The Blazers then had the 53rd pick, but that was traded. They traded Zach Randolph, Fred Jones, Dan Dickau, and that pick to New York for Steve Francis, Channing Frye, and a 2008 second round pick. This would be Pritchard's second trade of the night.

Pritchard then did another trade that wasn't finalized until July 11, but it did occur on draft night. Portland acquired James Jones and the rights to the 24th pick (Rudy Fernandez) from the Suns for just cash.

Overview: Pritchard had a busy first draft as the Trail Blazers GM. He completed three trades on draft night. Portland drafted three guards, two of them from overseas.

2008 NBA Draft: Portland had the 13th pick in this draft and traded to Indiana. They swapped Jerryd Bayless and Brandon Rush to different locations. Pritchard also sent Josh McRoberts and Jarrett Jack to Indiana for Ike Diogu. Personally, I was jumping for joy when we drafted Bayless as he slipped to us. Well, we can't turn back time can we.

The Blazers then acquired the draft rights to the 25th pick which turned into France's Nicolas Batum from Houston for the 33rd pick. Portland then sent the draft rights to Darrell Arthur to Memphis. Portland before they sent Arthur got him from New Orleans for cash. Yes, this is crazy amount of wheeling and dealing going on here. He's not done though.

Portland then sent the rights to the 55th pick (Mike Taylor) to the Los Angeles Clippers for a 2009 second round pick.

Overview: Once again, Pritchard did three draft night deals. He got a point guard in Bayless, a power forward in Diogu, a small forward in Nicolas Batum, and a second round pick for next year's draft. Pritchard seems to love to trade a lot.

2009 NBA Draft: Portland had the 22nd pick in the draft and took another player from the international pool in Victor Claver from Spain. Claver has yet to come over and play for the Trail Blazers.

Pritchard then acquired the rights to the 31st pick (Jeff Pendergraph) from Sacramento for Sergio Rodriguez, the rights to the 38th pick (Jon Brockman), and cash. Pendergraph now plays for the Pacers and likely Kevin brought him here when he was hired as director of player personnel.

Kevin then selected Patrick Mills with the 55th pick in the draft. This once again ended another crazy night for Pritchard and company in Portland.

Overview: Pritchard did some more trading around as he did one big deal that had a lot of details. Kevin once again took another point guard, small forward, and a power forward in this draft. The next draft would be a little awkward for him though.

2010 NBA Draft: Kevin was fired an hour before the draft started, but stayed on until the Blazers last pick. He made a splash by trading up to select Luke Babbitt with the 16th pick in exchange for Martell Webster. The Blazers also got Ryan Gomes in the deal as well.

Portland then selected Elliott Williams with the 22nd pick they already had. Williams is a shooting guard from Memphis.

Then they selected another point guard in Armon Johnson with the 34th pick.

Overview: Pritchard's tenure with the Blazers ended with three draft picks and a trade that got them Ryan Gomes along with Babbitt. He was out of a job in 2011, but now he will be a big part of the Pacers 2012 NBA Draft plans.

Now, we get to Larry Bird and his history with the Pacers draft. We will go all the way back to 2004 until now to chronicle Bird's drafting style.

2004 NBA Draft: The Pacers stayed put in this draft with both of their picks as they selected David Harrison at 29 and Rashad Wright at 60.

Overview: Harrison didn't make much of an impact with the Pacers and Wright never made the team and plays overseas ever since. This Draft was pretty boring if you were a Pacers fan.

2005 NBA Draft: Indiana once again stayed out with both of their picks at 17 and 46. They drafted two forwards in Danny Granger and Erzem Lorbek.

Overview: Granger has been one of the best picks Bird has ever selected and he's still playing for the Pacers a t a very high level. He's one of the key cogs to the Pacers success now a days. Lorbek never came over and was apart of the George Hill trade last year.

2006 NBA Draft: Bird does do one small trade on draft night as they selected Shawne Williams at pick 17 and James White at 31.

White was brought to Indiana for the rights to our 45th pick in Alexander Johnson. We has to give up a 2007 and 2008 second round pick to do this deal though.

Overview: This draft was a dud by Bird. Both of these players didn't come close to their expectations and eventually fizzled out and left the Pacers.

2007 NBA Draft: Indiana did not have a draft pick in 2007 as there pick went to Atlanta to complete the Al Harrington trade. We did acquire the 39th pick though from Miami which got us Stanko Barac.

Overview: Stanko Barac has never come over and played for the Pacers.

2008 NBA Draft: Bird drafted Jerryd Bayless with the 11th pick, but was then sent to Portland for Brandon Rush. Also included in the deal were Josh McRoberts and Jarrett Jack coming to Indiana and Ike Diogu joining Bayless in Portland with Kevin Pritchard.

Indiana then traded Jermaine O'Neal and the rights to our 41st pick (Nathan Jawai) to the Raptors for T.J. Ford, Maceo Baston, Rasho Nesterovic, and the rights to the 17th pick (Roy Hibbert. This trade turned into a great deal for the Pacers as Hibbert is now one of the best centers in the NBA.

Overview: Larry pulled off two trades in this draft and they were great for all sides. This is when Bird finally starts to wheel and deal in the NBA Draft.

2009 NBA Draft: The Pacers stayed put in this draft as we selected Tyler Hansbrough at pick 13 and A.J. Price at pick 52. We got pick 52 from Dallas when we got Eddie Jones for Shawne Williams. Jones never came and played for the Pacers though.

Overview: Bird stayed put, but he got Hansbrough who's turned into a great role player and Price is a nice little player when he gets minutes off the bench.

2010 NBA Draft: Indiana took Paul George and Lance Stephenson at pics 10 and 40 in this draft. They did make one trade for a player they eventually had to cut though.

The Pacers swapped draft rights with Oklahoma City at pick 51. We got Magnum Rolle while Oklahoma City got Ryan Ried. Rolle was eventually cut to make room for Jeff Foster. It was very controversial why Rolle didn't make the team as he shined in the Summer League. Rolle now is not playing in the NBA.

Overview: They got two great guys oozing potential in George and Stephenson. George is now a starter and key piece to the future and Stephenson will likely take on a bigger role this upcoming season. That trade Bird made didn't really make much of a difference at all.

2011 NBA Draft: Indiana started off the draft with a trade that sent their pick at 15 (Kawhi Leonard) to San Antonio for George Hill. We also sent our second round pick at 42 (Davis Bertans) and the rights to Erazem Lorbek in the Hill deal as well. After this, we were done for the night.

Overview: This might've been the most even deal I've seen in a long time. Leonard is doing great in San Antonio and Hill is doing the same here in Indiana. Bertans and Lorbek are also two good chips for the Spurs in the future.

Now, after all of that I have to say that we might have a good chance of making a deal ten days from now. I could see us dealing Tyler Hansbrough or Darren Collison to move into the lottery or top 20. Pritchard made a deal or more every year as the GM with the Trail Blazers, so he could bring a new excitement to the fans and nerves to some players on our team. Bird is also starting to like to deal these past few years. It seems like they both have the same thoughts during the draft.

Here are some stats to know about how Pritchard drafted: Pritchard drafted four international players or maybe five if you count Patrick Mills who went to St. Mary's though. He loves to draft point guards as he took one every year. Those are some things to keep in mind about Kevin come draft night. Pritchard averaged 2.66 trades during his tenure as the GM in Portland every draft. In percent form, there's a 266.6% chance that we make a deal. Yeah, that's a big amount!

Here are some stats to know about how Larry Bird drafted: Bird loves to draft athletic swingman and big men. He has only drafted two international players in his tenure. Larry was safe in the draft until 2006 when he made a trade. Ever since then, he's made five total trades on draft night. He averages 0.625 trades every draft. If you put in percent form, there's a 62.5% chance we make a deal.

If you add that all together, that's 15 trades in eight years. In percent form, adding these two guys together in a draft room, that's a 187.5% chance that we make a deal. If you go by stats, look for the Pacers to make a deal with Pritchard and Bird now together.

Prospects we could look at in a trade-up situation could be Kendall Marshall, Arnett Moultrie, Perry Jones III, and maybe even Tyler Zeller. Tell me below who we should trade up for.

It sure looks like with these two guys together in a room, we could be looking at a lot of wheeling and dealing on draft night in ten days. We'll see if we actually prove the stats right and make some moves or we just stay put at 26. Be sure to watch the draft on June 28 to find out what we do. It sure looks exciting for Pacers fans with Pritchard and Bird getting calls and making calls on possible trades.