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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Semifinals: Marquis Teague vs. Doron Lamb

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We now have reached the last matchup in the semifinals as tomorrow night will be our finals. We have two teammates from the national champion Kentucky Wildcats in Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb. Both of these players would be instant sparks off the bench for the Pacers. We need either a backup to Paul George or George Hill. If we draft Teague, that likely means Darren Collison is trade bait either on draft night or this off-season. Teague is has water bug quickness and can explode to the rim. Lamb is a dead-eye shooter who could be the go-to guy we've needed off the bench for awhile.

Teague demolished Tyshawn Taylor by almost 100 votes and has cruised to this spot right here. Lamb also has eased into this spot. He beat John Jenkins by 211 votes in the first round! Then Doron beat Will Barton by 51 votes and it might be more as the voting continues on for now. This matchup could be a great one here with two teammates vying to be in the finals. Check out after the jump my analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to move on to the finals?

As mentioned earlier, this matchup of two teammates could be a great one. These players could be key additions to this Indiana Pacers roster. We need an instant impact player off the bench and maybe even a potential starter down the road. Both of these guys will likely be around as we pick at 26. Now, let's get to this big matchup of two Kentucky teammates facing off for a chance at another shot of a championship.

Here's the tale of the tape for Teague vs. Lamb:

Marquis Teague: He's a lightning quick guard who is like a ball of energy when he's on a roll. Also, Teague is a superb passer who makes it look easy for many of his Kentucky teammates from last season. You could say he's the fastest prospect in this draft. He's known for his speed and superb handle of the ball. Teague has great court vision and awareness. He's gets his guards open on the outside by driving and kicking it out right after they commit to him when he bolts inside like he's about to go for a layup.

Marquis has the potential to be a great defender as well. He has great quickness to keep up with his man and fast hands to get lots of steals. Teague could become the best point guard in this class if he can continue to develop his all-around game.

Teague will need to improve on his jump shot. He's inconsistent from anywhere from 18 plus feet and beyond. If you look closer at his shot, his leg flails around that could take off his rhythm. Teague is like Brett Favre sometimes, he gambles a lot on some passes.He averaged three turnovers a game at Kentucky. Marquis needs to get stronger and build on his small frame. He tends to shy away from getting physical with the opposing player.

As mentioned earlier, Teague will need to be more consistent to succeed at the next level. If Indiana were to pick Teague, it's all based on a few years down the road. He has the potential to be a star, or he could flame out quickly.

Here are a few videos on Teague's strength (potential) and weakness (shooting):

Marquis could be a great fit here with the Pacers. Having Marquis take the place of Collison might not be that bad of an idea. It seems like George Hill will keep his spot in the starting lineup and Darren might not want to be a full time member of the second unit. If Teague could put it all together, he could easily replace DC in the second unit and eventually take over as the starter.

Now, we get to Teague's teammate in Doron Lamb. This sophomore who can shoot the lights out in Lamb. He thrives as a steady scorer either in a starting role or off the bench. Doron also has a great basketball IQ. Lamb shot a stellar 46% from behind the arc for the Wildcats last season. He understands team ball and doesn't take those stupid shots.

Doron can create his own shot and has a killer crossover he uses to dive into the paint to score. He has the ability to get open by running his defenders ragged by making them chase him around the perimeter. Lamb was the 'go-to' scorer for the Wildcats down the stretch. He has that clutch gene that you see in great scorers.

Lamb does need to improve some facets of his game though. His light frame could put him up against strong guards who could bully him down into the paint with ease. He's a very average and limited athlete. Lamb lacks the explosive speed and quickness you see in many guards.

Doron will struggle mightily getting shots off at the rim. He will likely be unable to finish through contact if he doesn't add at least five pounds of muscle to his frame.

Here's a few videos of Lamb's strength (shooting) and weakness (build):

Doron would be a great fit here in Indiana. We need a go-to scorer off the bench badly. Having a dead-eye shooter like Lamb taking the place of the erratic Leandro Barbosa will also be a plus. He likely will never start with the Pacers, but he could be like a James Harden. You could see Lamb getting 25 plus minutes a night off the bench for the Pacers. He would also be on the court in clutch situations alongside Danny Granger when needed to make a three pointer. If Indiana takes Lamb here, I wouldn't be mad at all.

After all of the analysis, who do you want to move on to the finals? Will it be Marquis Teague or Doron Lamb advancing on for a chance at another championship?