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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Semifinals: Fab Melo vs. Royce White

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We have now reached the semifinals here in the tournament. This matchup is one of gigantic proportions. Royce White has lottery talent and could be a steal at 26. He's game could transfer well in Indiana, but he has some issues. Fab Melo is a seven foot banger down low who could fit nicely here. Melo would be a nice backup to Roy Hibbert.

Royce once again won easily over Draymond Green last round. He's seemed to blow by every person he's faced so far in this tournament. Fab has won all of his matches by a comfortable margin as well. Will this matchup be closer or will it be another blowout by either Fab or Royce? Check out after the jump my analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to move on to the finals?

Both of these players could be steals at 26 if they reach their full potential. We need a backup at center and small forward. Melo and White could both go higher, but could easily slip to the Pacers. Now, let's get to this big matchup on the forwards/big man side of the bracket.

Here's the tale of the tape for Melo vs. White:

Fab Melo: He's a true force down low, but he has no offensive game at all. He can be a menace by blocking shots as he had four per game. Fab also shows his true potential with his size. It's prototypical for a true big man in today's game. Melo showed his defensive potential at Syracuse, but after that he needs to be developed more in the NBA.

Melo will need to improve on his offensive game and his foul trouble to reach his peak in the NBA. He's a disappointment with his rebounding ability for his size. He needs to be more aggressive against opponents and bang them down in the post. Fab only has an average motor.

If Melo can put his whole game together, he could be a great back-up to Roy for the next five plus years. He will surely be a project, but he could be well worth the risk.

Also, here are two videos from Swish Scout on his defense (positive) and his rebounding (needs improvement):

Melo could really fit with the Pacers. His seven foot frame would be great for the second unit to have. Roy could help develop Fab more and make him have more drive to succeed. If Indiana takes this flyer in the draft, it could be worth it for the Pacers.

Now, we get to Royce White out of Iowa State. Very bouncy player who can jump out of the gym. He can explode to the rim with some flash. White can handle the ball like a point guard too. He's really a true point-forward. White could slip to the Pacers at 26 with his red flags. He has anxiety issues that includes a fear of flying, but if he slips this far the Pacers might have to take the risk.

White needs to improve his mid-range jumper and has to develop a three-point shot. He gets a lot of his shots blocked near the rim. Royce will need to have more air on his shot to avoid that. White also turns the ball over a lot. He turned it over four times per game at Iowa State, but it could be just because he had to be the team's main ball handler.

Also, Royce is a very average defender. He lets a lot of players drive past him with ease. White seems to put all of his efforts in on the offensive end.

The Cyclone product use to play at Minnesota, but had to transfer due to his criminal history. He said he's a changed man, but you never know. We don't want another incident like Stephen Jackson at the club.

If Royce slips to 26 he could be a big risk, but if his red flag history has vanished, he could be a great player.

Here are a few videos of White's strength (athleticism) and weakness (defense) :

If Royce could improve his defense he could be a spectacular player in the NBA. If he puts all of his effort into defense as well, we could be looking at an all-star.

White fits well if he's picked by the Pacers. His leaping ability and scoring would be fun to watch at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. I don't think Royce would take Danny's job, but he would be one good apprentice. I could see him eventually being a 20 plus point scorer a game.

After all of the analysis, who do you want to move on to the finals? Will it be Fab Melo or Royce White advancing on in the tournament?