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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Round Two: Will Barton vs. Doron Lamb

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It's time for our final matchup of the second round as we inch closer toward the semifinals. We have a great matchup here folks. Both of these players could fit well for the Pacers if we want an instant scorer coming off the bench. This could also give Paul George more minutes at small forward.

Will Barton is a versatile guard who averaged almost eight rebounds a game at Memphis. He also can score with the best of them too. Doron Lamb is a sharpshooter from the reigning national champions at Kentucky. He is a clutch scorer who could easily come in and replace Leandro Barbosa.

Lamb destroyed John Jenkins in the voting in the last round and Will Barton also won pretty comfortably over France's Evan Fournier. We'll see if this one is closer than their last matchups. Check out after the jump my analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to move on to the semifinals?

Both of these players will be spark plugs and maybe even starters down the road if they are drafted by the Pacers. These players will likely be around when we pick at 26, so this seems like a great matchup. Now, let's get to this matchup of versatility vs. a dead-eye shooter.

Here's the tale of the tape for Barton vs. Lamb:

Will Barton: He can explode to the rim or hit the outside shot with ease. He really came on near the end of the season for the Tigers. Barton has nice size for a shooting guard at 6-6 and has a high scoring percentage. Will doesn't take any stupid shots. He either drives it in or settles for a jumper. For a guard, Barton was pulling down eight rebounds a game for Memphis. That's very impressive for a guard. He has an advanced scoring range and loves to drive as mentioned earlier.

He has long arms and that benefits him well on defense. Will gets a lot of steals with his arm length. Also, Barton is a great shot blocker. He seems like he's a jack of all trades with all of what good he could do. When Barton has it going, he's very hard to stop. He's been compared to Dwyane Wade for his all-around game and that could be a great comparison. Barton was great at the combine showing off his all-around game for everyone watching in Chicago. Many analysts now have Barton as a late first round pick with his great combine showing from early last week.

Will does have some flaws though. He needs to build on his light frame. Barton will need to improve his free throw shooting on the next level since he gets to the line so much. Will will need to just improve his consistency to continue to develop in the NBA. Barton doesn't have much flaws he just needs to be more consistent and he could be a true star.

Barton didn't have a scouting video from Swish Scout either so I will have to just show you some highlights from this season at Memphis. Here's the video below:

Barton could be a great fit here in Indiana. His scoring ability and explosive leaping could be fun to watch at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. He could replace Leandro Barbosa off the bench and be a great scorer in the second unit. Having another explosive player like Barton next to Paul George could help develop him even more. Overall, I think Barton could be a microwave-fast scorer off the bench for the Pacers next season if we draft him at 26.

Now, we get to Doron Lamb out of Kentucky. This sophomore who can shoot the lights out in Lamb. He thrives as a steady scorer either in a starting role or off the bench. Doron also has a great basketball IQ. Lamb shot a stellar 46% from behind the arc for the Wildcats last season. He understands team ball and doesn't take those stupid shots.

Doron can create his own shot and has a killer crossover he uses to dive into the paint to score. He has the ability to get open by running his defenders ragged by making them chase him around the perimeter. Lamb was the 'go-to' scorer for the Wildcats down the stretch. He has that clutch gene that you see in great scorers.

Lamb does need to improve some facets of his game though. His light frame could put him up against strong guards who could bully him down into the paint with ease. He's a very average and limited athlete. Lamb lacks the explosive speed and quickness you see in many guards.

Doron will struggle mightily getting shots off at the rim. He will likely be unable to finish through contact if he doesn't add at least five pounds of muscle to his frame.

Here's a few videos of Lamb's strength (shooting) and weakness (build):

Doron would be a great fit here in Indiana. We need a go-to scorer off the bench badly. Having a dead-eye shooter like Lamb taking the place of the erratic Leandro Barbosa will also be a plus. He likely will never start with the Pacers, but he could be like a James Harden. You could see Lamb getting 25 plus minutes a night off the bench for the Pacers. He would also be on the court in clutch situations alongside Danny Granger when needed to make a three pointer. If Indiana takes Lamb here, I wouldn't be mad at all.

After all of the analysis, who do you want to move on to the semifinals? Will it be Will Barton or Doron Lamb advancing on?