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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Round Two: Fab Melo vs. Quincy Miller

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We are now in the second round of the Pacers 26th Pick Tournament. We start off with a matchup of speed vs strength. It's two young guys going up against each other to advance on. We have Fab Melo, who's a powerful big man and can be a great defender on the next level. Facing off against him we have a young Quincy Miller who is oozing with star potential in the NBA. This sure looks like it will be a great matchup here in the tournament. Check out after the jump my analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to move on to the semifinals?

This is a great opening matchup here folks. It's unknown whether or not Melo or Miller will come and work out for the Pacers anytime before the draft, but we will surely know soon. These two could fill big needs for Indiana. We need a backup forward or center to use in the second unit. The prospects here could surely do a great job of stepping in and performing right away. Melo or Miller could eventually step in as starters once they develop more. The fans will need to be patient with these two prospects as they continue to grow into their roles. Now, let's get to the first matchup of the second round in the tournament.

Here's the tale of the tape for Melo vs. Miller:

Fab Melo: He's a true force down low, but he has no offensive game at all. He can be a menace by blocking shots as he had four per game. Fab also shows his true potential with his size. It's prototypical for a true big man in today's game. Melo showed his defensive potential at Syracuse, but after that he needs to be developed more in the NBA.

Melo will need to improve on his offensive game and his foul trouble to reach his peak in the NBA. He's a disappointment with his rebounding ability for his size. He needs to be more aggressive against opponents and bang them down in the post. Fab only has an average motor.

If Melo can put his whole game together, he could be a great back-up to Roy for the next five plus years. He will surely be a project, but he could be well worth the risk.

Also, here are two videos from Swish Scout on his defense (positive) and his rebounding (needs improvement):

Melo could really fit with the Pacers. His seven foot frame would be great for the second unit to have. Roy could help develop Fab more and make him have more drive to succeed. If Indiana takes this flyer in the draft, it could be worth it for the Pacers.

Now, we get to Quincy Miller from Baylor. He's only 19 years old and is oozing star potential.

Miller hurt his knee and he hasn't looked the same since. He struggled a little bit at Baylor and it shocked many that he declared for this year's draft. He averaged 11 points per game for the Bears on their run to the elite eight.

What could make Quincy appealing to teams is his explosiveness to the rim and his true potential. As mentioned, the knee injury hasn't shown his full repertoire of moves yet. He can score in bunches when he's fed the ball. He didn't get that much of a chance with Baylor's supporting cast of Perry Jones III and Quincy Acy.

The negatives on Miller is that he needs to add some muscle to his 210 pound frame. Miller likely needs to bulk up to around 225 or 230. Also, Miller has bad shot selection and is very inconsistent. If he could bring it all together, he could shine in the NBA.

He could fit on the Pacers as Danny's back-up for a while until he eventually takes over for him. Quincy could thrive in the second unit alongside Tyler and Lou in the frontcourt. Darren Collison throwing lobs to Miller would be exciting to see at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Miller has more potential star-power in the NBA than Melo and if he reaches it to the fullest, we could be seeing a scary duo with Paul George and Miller.

Here's two videos from Swish Scout on Miller's shooting (kind of a positive) and his 6'9 build (negative):

As mentioned above, Miller will need to add some weight to his 210 pound frame. He needs to continue to grow into his body to reach is full potential.

Who's going to advance to round two in the Pacers 26th pick tournament, Fab Melo or Quincy Miller? Vote down below in the poll so we can have a winner advance on to the semifinals.