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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Round One: Doron Lamb vs. John Jenkins

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We finally get to our last matchup of the first round here with two of the top shooters facing off. This matchup really is a coin flip to most Pacers fans. Lamb and Jenkins if you look on the surface are almost carbon copies of each other. These players can hit the three pointer. They might be the best two in the draft. Lamb and Jenkins also have that clutch gene you love to have with a great shooter off the bench or starting. Check out after the jump my analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to move on to the second round?

This is also perfect timing to have this matchup, because we now know John Jenkins will workout for the Pacers tomorrow. Doron Lamb we don't know yet if he will work out with Indiana. These two would be perfect role players that would provide instant offense for the Pacers. Now, let's get to this great matchup as the first round of the Pacers 26th pick tournament winds down.

Here's the tale of the tape for Lamb vs. Jenkins:

I start off with the Kentucky sophomore who can shoot the lights out in Lamb. He thrives as a steady scorer either in a starting role or off the bench. Doron also has a great basketball IQ. Lamb shot a stellar 46% from behind the arc for the Wildcats last season. He understands team ball and doesn't take those stupid shots.

Doron can create his own shot and has a killer crossover he uses to dive into the paint to score. He has the ability to get open by running his defenders ragged by making them chase him around the perimeter. Lamb was the 'go-to' scorer for the Wildcats down the stretch. He has that clutch gene that you see in great scorers.

Lamb does need to improve some facets of his game though. His light frame could put him up against strong guards who could bully him down into the paint with ease. He's a very average and limited athlete. Lamb lacks the explosive speed and quickness you see in many guards.

Doron will struggle mightily getting shots off at the rim. He will likely be unable to finish through contact if he doesn't add at least five pounds of muscle to his frame.

Here's a few videos of Lamb's strength (shooting) and weakness (build):

Doron would be a great fit here in Indiana. We need a go-to scorer off the bench badly. Having a dead-eye shooter like Lamb taking the place of the erratic Leandro Barbosa will also be a plus. He likely will never start with the Pacers, but he could be like a James Harden. You could see Lamb getting 25 plus minutes a night off the bench for the Pacers. He would also be on the court in clutch situations alongside Danny Granger when needed to make a three pointer. If Indiana takes Lamb here, I wouldn't be mad at all.

Now we get to John Jenkins out of Vanderbilt. Jenkins is a feisty shooting guard with maybe the best jumper in all of the NCAA. He's a great outside shooter who has a quick release a team always cherishes. John has perfect form on his jumpshot that looks like an exact clone of Ray Allen. He has very quick hands on defense that could bring many steals and fast-break plays for the team he's drafted to. He never tries to take a tough shot. Jenkins never tries to take a shot off his back foot swarmed by three guys. John will always find the open man as well. He moves the ball well in a fast-pace or methodical offense. John would much rather be in an up-tempo offense like Indiana though.

If you want to know how good John is at three pointers, check out the video below:

The former Vanderbilt Commodore is a gym rat that you can never go wrong having on your team.

Jenkins does have some negatives to his game. He's not an explosive or powerful athlete that could take it hard to the rack. Like Lamb, he could be put against a stronger guard who could just post him to death. He will likely be limited to shots outside of 15 feet on the next level. He's a situational jump shooter. As mentioned, he will struggle mightily to guard stronger men on the next level.

Swish Scout unfortunately doesn't have videos of Jenkins, so I had to settle with a two minute video of Jenkins offense from NBA Draft Insider. Here's the video below:

Jenkins would be a great fit here with the Indiana Pacers. As mentioned earlier, we need that scorer who isn't afraid to take that last shot. John can certainly do that for us. Having a dead-eye shooter is a need for us. We thought we had that in Leandro Barbosa, but he's just too crazy with the ball. Jenkins won't take any crazy shots, he will wait until the opening presents itself.

We will workout Jenkins tomorrow, so will see how he does in front of Larry Bird, Kevin Pritchard, and Frank Vogel. He will be going up against top guards like Tony Wroten and Evan Fournier, so will see if blows them out of the water and separates himself from the pack. I would be very happy if we took him with our 26th pick.

His stock has risen all the way from earl second round to possibly all the way to 21 to the Celtics. His floor is 29 with the Chicago Bulls.

After all of the analysis, who do you want to move on to the second round? Will it be Doron Lamb or John Jenkins advancing on to the second round?