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NBA Finals Links: Heat, Thunder Look For Control In Game 2; Pacers Offseason Continues


After the Oklahoma City Thunder closed Game 1 in impressive fashion to hold serve on their home court, thecan take control of the series with a win in Game 2 on Thursday night. LeBron James and the Miami Heat won't make it easy, knowing if they win, the Heat will head home for the next three games which would flip the script on OKC.

So who will show up big in Game 2?

That's why we watch, and as you'll see in the links, a record number of people watched Game 1. Also, in the links, more on the Pacers offseason which includes another round of pre-draft workouts at the Fieldhouse on Thursday. Also, Larry Bird and Herb Simon have pushed off their meeting to...well, determine the future of the franchise (no biggie), until next week. This seems to be playing out in similar fashion to last season in which Bird and Simon eventually shook hands and kept moving along.

Check out the links after the jump.