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VIDEO: Roy Hibbert, Jeremy Lin On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert took part in a pre-NBA Finals bit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Tuesday night (thanks IndyPacers), taking part in the Skype scavanger hunt along with New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin.

The comparably humble and fun-loving NBA players competed in a scavenger hunt in which Kimmel sent the players looking in their respective houses for various items. Hibbert's acting chops couldn't hold up to the scrutiny when he was grilled about a fresh pack of UNO cards fitting the category of an item he still had from high school.

Hibbert finished strong though with his pet Bulldog more than covering the required cost to win the most expensive item in the house round. Of course, it helped that Lin could only muster up a $20 knock off watchj as his prized possession in the house.

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