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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Round One: Evan Fournier vs. Will Barton

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CORAL GABLES, FL - DECEMBER 06:  Will Barton #5 of the Memphis Tigers drives during a game against the Miami Hurricanes at the BankUnited Center on December 6, 2011 in Coral Gables, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
CORAL GABLES, FL - DECEMBER 06: Will Barton #5 of the Memphis Tigers drives during a game against the Miami Hurricanes at the BankUnited Center on December 6, 2011 in Coral Gables, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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Here's the third matchup over on the guards side of the bracket. This matchup gives us some international flavor in Evan Fournier from France going up against Will Barton from Memphis. These two players can explode to the rim and have helped improve their stock from the NBA Draft Combine (Barton) and NBA EuroCamp (Fournier). Check out after the jump my analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to move on to the second round?

This is perfect timing to have these two prospects go at it as we now know according to Jonathan Givony from Draft Express that Fournier will be working out for Indiana maybe as soon as tomorrow. I really like his game and it contrasts a lot from Barton's game. Also, Will Barton will be working out for the Pacers in the next few days as well. Now, let's get to the matchup of Fournier vs. Barton!

Here's the tale of the tape for Fournier vs Barton:

I start off with the frenchman in Fournier. He has a very long arms and a great wingspan. He's quicker than many scouts expected in Treviso, Italy for the EuroCamp. Evan loves to explode to the rim rather than settle for the 15 foot jumper. Fournier has a great shot when's comfortable or on a hot streak. He's very difficult to defend as he can take the shot or pass it off to a teammate with some flash.

Evan has great feel for the game and has a high IQ of basketball at his ripe age of 19. Fournier always seems to find a way out of trouble. He isn't prone to turnovers at all. He could play small forward or point guard, but is more suited for shooting guard. He led his U20 France Team to the championship this season as the main man. He's very mature for his age.

Evan is an excellent defender. He always reads the pass-lanes correct and gets many steals. Fournier is a great chase down defender as well. He had many chase down blocks in France last season. Evan tends to learn a new system very quickly and I heard he shined in Treviso this week at the EuroCamp where many Pacers scouts were at.

Fournier does have some flaws though. He needs to improve his overall consistency of his touch from outside of the paint. He tends to struggle and lose confidence very quickly when his shot isn't falling. He needs to add some weight to his light frame to round out his game. If he gets pushed down in the post, he tends to get bullied straight to the rim by bigger players. If Fournier just has more confidence and consistency, he could be a huge steal at 26.

Unfortunately there were no scouting report videos of Fournier, but I found some video of him at the EuroCamp. Here's the videos below:

Also, if you care to watch I have 50 minutes of game footage for Fournier. The best way to get to know a prospect is through game footage and maybe 50 minutes might get you sold on Evan. Here's the video below:

If Evan can just improve his overall shot, post defense, and confidence he could be a steal for Indiana. Also, another good thing about drafting international players is that you could keep them overseas for a few more years and develop them even more. That likely wouldn't happen though as we need a go-to scorer who can create his own shot right now.

Fournier even told Jonathan Givony of Draft Express in Treviso that he would prefer to play in the NBA this season, but would accept staying a year or two if the team that drafted him told him to do so. Evan would likely replace Leandro Barbosa off the bench or back-up Danny Granger at small forward with his 6-7 height. He could be a great sixth man for the Pacers if we use him correctly.

Now we get to Will Barton out of Memphis. He can explode to the rim or hit the outside shot with ease. He really came on near the end of the season for the Tigers. Barton has nice size for a shooting guard at 6-6 and has a high scoring percentage. Will doesn't take any stupid shots. He either drives it in or settles for a jumper. For a guard, Barton was pulling down eight rebounds a game for Memphis. That's very impressive for a guard. He has an advanced scoring range and loves to drive as mentioned earlier.

He has long arms and that benefits him well on defense. Will gets a lot of steals with his arm length. Also, Barton is a great shot blocker. He seems like he's a jack of all trades with all of what good he could do. When Barton has it going, he's very hard to stop. He's been compared to Dwyane Wade for his all-around game and that could be a great comparison. Barton was great at the combine showing off his all-around game for everyone watching in Chicago. Many analysts now have Barton as a late first round pick with his great combine showing earlier this week.

Will does have some flaws though. He needs to build on his light frame like Fournier. Barton will need to improve his free throw shooting on the next level since he gets to the line so much. Will will need to just improve his consistency to continue to develop in the NBA. Just like Fournier, Barton doesn't have much flaws he just needs to be more consistent.

Barton didn't have a scouting video from Swish Scout either so I will have to just show you some highlights from this season at Memphis. Here's the video below:

Barton could be a great fit here in Indiana. His scoring ability and explosive leaping could be fun to watch at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. He could replace Leandro Barbosa off the bench and be a great scorer in the second unit. Having another explosive player like Barton next to Paul George could help develop him even more. Overall, I think Barton could be a spark plug scorer off the bench for the Pacers next season if we draft him at 26.

After all of the analysis, who do you want to move on to the second round? Will it be Evan Fournier or Will Barton advancing on to the second round?