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Roy Hibbert Puts On Good Act For Interview

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Bravo, Roy! Bravo!!!

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert enjoys acting and wasted little time working on his craft as we found out in his post-season interview with Tricia Whitaker. Man, did the big fella get a few of you. Don't worry, I won't name names, but Hibbert's comments in full deadpan freaked out a few folks according to several emails I had wondering if I heard what Hibbert had to say and thinking maybe he was getting too big a head and wouldn't be worth signing in the offseason.

When asked what goals he had for the summer, Hibbert casually offered the following answer, resplendent in his Iron Man t-shirt.

Actually, working on my acting. I plan on taking a long break from basketball and work on my acting career. I have a reccuring role on Parks and Recreation and I plan on doing some movies. Travel the world a little bit and do very little basketball.

He almost broke character with that last statement about travelling the world and playing very little basketball, but overall a solid performance. If you still don't think he was adding some dramatic flare to his interview, wait until the last second when he breaks up as the camera fades away.

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