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IC Cold Links: NBA Finals Ready To Tip; Eric Gordon Talks Free Agency

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New Orleans Hornets restricted free agent guard Eric Gordon never shies away from his interest in playing for the Indiana Pacers. But considering his status as a free agent, Gordon would have to be the one forcing a move to the Pacers since the hometown team has indicated they won't go after Gordon due to his restricted status.

EJ started his basketball camp yesterday at the Jewish Community Center and spoke with the media about his summer plans. As for his health, Gordon must be feeling pretty good because he's planning on making the Olympic team and playing in the London games. He also hasn't ruled out the possibility of joining the Pacers, as he told Larry Hawley.

"Definitely a possibility," said Gordon of joining the Pacers. "But there is also a possibility I could go elsewhere. I look forward to seeing where I end up, seeing the next destination, but I could also end up in New Orleans since I'm a restricted free agent."

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